Hotel environmental program

Environmental preservation is everyone's business and the hotel sector is no exception to the rule, on the contrary and therefore, it is most appropriate to:

  • Establish an environmental action plan - Involve all personnel - Create an environmental committee - Appoint an environmental animator
  • Assess through a questionnaire the good practices success rate before, during and after implementation of environmental program. (Do not hesitate to seek support and advice from specialists which will be an additional asset to enrich and succeed in the new approach.)
  • Establish monitoring and target measured indicators, because as the old adage goes, “One can’t manage what one can’t measure”. Often, it is about simple quantities (water, energy, etc.) in other cases, it is specifically related to attendance ratios.
  • Promote your sustainable approach by displaying the hotel “Environmental charter” in the hotel lobby and the rooms.
  • Apply for eco-labels certification to recognize the efforts and strengthen the hotel environmental approach. Important international tourism Eco labels: Green key, EU Ecolabel, Green Globe 21, etc. Read more about different ecolabels for tourism sector
  • Promote local environmental preservation actions, because a region’s natural heritage is also one’s major attraction. For example: - Mobilize your employees for the clean-up of a remarkable natural site.
  • Participate in an awareness activity for children at a nearby school (tree planting, exhibition on nature).
  • Contribute to the development of nature-environment activities in your area (in partnerships with associations).
  • Promote best environmental ideas by rewarding their authors with a green premium. Customers play a direct role in the environmental performance of tourism businesses, because as living host they themselves produce pollution (water and energy consumption, waste, etc.). Therefore, it is essential to associate them with the development and evaluation of the hotel environmental charter. It can be achieved through customer satisfaction questionnaire on the environmental actions being applied thus sending a clear messagewhile avoid giving environmental moral lessons.



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