Durable and recyclable supplies


It is important to pay attention to the materials used to produce your supplies: natural, recyclable materials like wood, metal, carton and recycled paper should be selected for purchase. Articles composed of multiple materials can rarely be recycled. Natural materials or those which have not been greatly transformed such as wood or metal will be more durable and resistant. Therefore consider these materials when you buy boards, pencil-sharpeners, scissors, etc.


When buying items made from wood, carton or paper, pay attention to the FSC and PEFC labels, which guarantee that these come from sustainable managed forests and which guarantee respect for economic and social criteria (see also the tip ‘Wooden Furniture’ in the activity ‘Equipment and Goods’).





It is better to buy products which can be easily repaired instead of those which need to be replaced systematically at the slightest breakdown. In this regard, there are special social workshops for repairs. Ask around your community about this. Choose, for example, file folders made from recycled carton, possibly covered with recycled paper or folders with a spine in canvas.

Also pay attention to the ecolabels, which indicate a reduced environmental impact, such as  EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan and local ecolabels such as  Blauer Engel, Nederlandse Milieukeur, the Austrian ecological label, etc.




Cost effectiveness

  • Repair your office supplies instead of throwing them away and you will save money.


Environmental benefits

  • Reduction of waste generation
  • Nature protection: preservation of forests and of all their biodiversity is the preservation of our ‘green lungs.’
  • Reduction of use of primary materials
  • Reduction of pollution

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