Green spaces’ maintenance

Limit the use of chemicals in the treatment of green spaces and prefer biological control by choosing the right combinations of plants.


Take advantage of natures’ defenses:

  • Instead of fighting to get rid-off pests, promote the presence of predators and plants that will keep them away. If you cannot avoid chemical use, scrupulously respect the prescribed doses and preferably use products acceptable in organic agriculture. Don't treat before rain storms and neither on pavers because products quickly trickle into nature.
  • Weeds on slabs and on pool edges can be eliminated using a thermal weed control technique. It procures intense heat flashes that don’t burn but disturb weeds metabolism and make them die quickly. A simple method and entirely non-polluting.
  • During maintenance equipment replacement (lawn mower, hedge trimmers...) select them based on ecological criteria (low energy consumption, presence labeling).
  • Recuperate rainwater to use for watering flowers and gardens
  • Water the glowers and gardens between 19h and 7 h.
  • Treat garden waste in composter and use a shredding blade to mow the grass thus allowing rapid decomposition that acts as fertilizer.
  • Provide storage with a waterproof floor to store retention trays and label them as well as absorption kits.

Eco map