Used cooking oil ... not down the drain!

Used cooking oil should be properly dispose in the classic waste sacks (white) or collected but not to flush down the sewer.

Besides polluting the water, cooking oil tends to accumulate in the sewers and to clog them. To avoid this nuisance, it is also possible to put in place a grease trap. In order to avert many problems (clogged sewers, unusable grease traps ...), it is important to restrict the use and the waste of grease and oils whenever possible. It is also necessary not to mix food-grade vegetable oils with mineral or synthetic oils. In order to easily dispose of liquid grease in the classic rubbish sacks or bins, you just need to store them in used bottles or other throw-away containers.

For bigger quantities of grease, you can contact local company specialized in used cooking oil collection and treatment.

You will avoid the problems associated with bad odours in clogged plumbing and sewers. You will save on the cost of renovating or repairing plumbing. General clogging can block water purification systems, increase expenses on cleaning and lead to accidents among maintenance personnel.



Water pollution. Clogged plumbing, kills septic tanks if present (causing bad odour).



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