Green interior finishes

The solvents used in paints, adhesives, carpets, and textiles have been reduced or replaced by less harmful substances, some of which are derived from plants and natural resources.

  • In interiors, natural paints emitting less volatile organic compunds (VOCs) are prevailing.
  • Mineral paints emitting no VOCs, thus guaranteeing the preservation of air quality.
  • Several certifications and labels promote the most ecofriendly products for the environment and human health such as: the European Eco label (15 g/l VOC), Nature Plus (1 g/l VOC) and AFNOR's NF.
  • Always read the label. Significant progress has been made to reduce pollutant emission notably in the field of interior finishes. Such as, an air purifying wallpaper called Saratech Permasorb produced by the German company “Bluecher”, which purifies through a double side filtering process walls polluting air fumes. For more information, see or



Reduced costs

Natural paint cost isn’t more expensive than a classical paint and has a superior covering power thus demanding less quantity. It has an excellent quality/price ratio and has great durability properties.

Mineral paint cost is slightly higher but its extreme longevity can considerably reduce the need for maintenance and allows for significant savings. (A 10 to 20 years’ life span against 10 years for classical paint).


Environmental benefits

  • Nature protection - reduced use of chemicals
  • Human health - reduced allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Reduction of air pollution


Eco map