European Ecolabel for Tourist Accommodations


Description of the tool

In order to be granted the European Ecolabel for Tourist Accommodations, the accommodation entities have to meet a set of very strict environmental performance criteria in various environmental areas. The label includes 22 mandatory criteria and 45 optional criteria among which candidates will choose to obtain a sufficient amount of points.

The label is used throughout the European Union and sites can be labelled all over the world.

 As a voluntary scheme, this certification is granted by an independent certification body.

The recognition is valid for two to five years, with annual transmission of environmental performance indicators to the certification body. The list of certificated accommodations is available on various websites including official EU website.

Relevant areas: Energy, water, waste, chemicals, communication, education, management.


Geographical level of recognition: Europe


Justification / Verification / Proof of adherence

Administered by the European Union Eco-Labelling Board (EUEB) and granted by the national competent certification body after the audit of the company (both on site and off-site). 


Size: all sizes

Activity sectors: Tourism, traditional tourist accommodation and campsites