ISO 14001


Description of the tool

ISO 14001 specifies the 18 requirements and the 52 check points to comply with when setting up the Environmental Management System (EMS).

It is a voluntary scheme.

ISO 14001 was developed to assist companies in improving their internal organisation so as to reduce the environmental impact of their activity.

It defines requirements while dividing its process into four main steps: Planning, implementation, monitoring and assessing.

The EMS ISO 14001 implementation is validated when an external auditor accredited by the French Committee for Accreditation (Cofrac) has carried out the audit and has granted the certification. The certificate is valid for a period of three years.


Geographical level of recognition



Justification / Verification / Proof of adherence

  • Process certified by an independent and accredited certification body, after audit;
  • ISO 14001 certificate with a three-year validity;
  • Certification audit report;
  • Internal follow-up audit report;
  • Environmental Policy;
  • Mandatory annual follow-up.


Target groups

Size: all sizes

Activity sectors: All private and public organization