PAN Parks


Description of the tool

PAN Parks – a European-wide network of well managed protected areas focusing on an integrated approach combining wilderness protection and sustainable tourism development.

The system certifies a local protected area, which in turn must establish a network of local business actors, operating in the tourist sector. Pan Parks Foundation hsa 5 key principles aiming to ensure high standards of management for both, conservation and sustainable development and the existence of a wilderness area without human intervention. They are:

  • Natural values
  • Habitat management
  • Visitor management
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Tourism business partners

 At the local level, the certified protected areas are free to establish their own certification system for their business partners, in order to ensure that they are working in harmony with the park management towards implementing a common Sustainable Tourism Strategy.

Pan Parks participation is reassessed every 5 years. PAN Parks Foundation provides effective third-party certification system under WCPA (World Commission on Protected Areas) Framework for Management Effectiveness.

Geographical level of recognition


Justification / Verification / Proof of adherence

  • Verification of the protected area, its Sustainable Tourism Strategy and the local business partners.
  • 5-year cycle

Target groups


Activity sectors:

Protected areas & local business partners

  • SMEs working in tourism
  • International tour operators
  • NGOs
  • Corporate sector