BIO HOTELS is the largest association of eco-friendly hotels: with seven “core focuses”, the nearly 100 BIO HOTELS in seven European countries offer everything you want for an organic holiday, family holiday, wellness weekend, sustainable conference or green meeting and ecologically-oriented service for business travelers. Even weddings and events are held in the most beautiful BIO HOTELS locations: at the sea, in the mountains or in gorgeous natural settings.

Description of the tool

The Bio-Hotels is the first international group of hotels with a certified organic label based on rigorous criteria .

  • 100% organic food
  • 100% organic beverage
  • one certified organic natural cosmetic line
  • certified organic natural cosmetic in the guest area
  • waste-management
  • certification by a control agency every year
  • environmental awareness
  • non-food recommendations

The criteria are established and common to all hotels. They are certificated every year by a control agency and based on this they get the label of the BIO-Hotels.


Geographical level of recognition



Justification / Verification / Proof of adherence

  • The Bio-Hotel-label is guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Annual certification


Target groups

Size: any sizes

Activity sectors: Hotels