Description of the tool

ECOCAMPING is an EMS that has been specifically developed for campsites.  In 1999, 20 campsites from the Bodensee and the Lago Maggiore have been awarded the ECOCAMPING label.   Over a two-year period, the EU supported the development of a comprehensive EMS, based on EMAS and adapted to the needs of campsites.   To broaden the scope of the initiative, the ECOCAMPING association was created by four campsite associations and four environmental organisations in 2002. The national associations of the camping industry are the initiators, as well as responsible for the implementation of an ECOCAMPING programme.  Close contact is maintained with local authorities and various departments of the European Commission. ECOCAMPING is actively involved in the development of the European Ecolabel for campsites.

The ECOCAMPING association awards the ECOCAMPING label to campsites that are committed to the environmental quality charter.

ECOCAMPING’s objectives are as follows:

  • To carry out comprehensive environmental and service quality controls
  • To consult other partners
  • To draw an action plan including improvement measures
  • To collect information on water consumption, energy use and waste recycling in order to assess environment management results
  • To carry out satisfaction surveys among camping guests


Geographical level of recognition

Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland


Justification / Verification / Proof of adherence

  • ECOCAMPING certification is valid for 3 years;
  • Verification carried out by an ECOCAMPING auditor


Target groups

Size: any sizes

Activity sectors: campsites