Title Contents Author Year
Buying Local The Travel Foundation
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Keep It Real - Market and communicate your green credentials Dr Xavier Font and Laura Higa, Leeds Beckett University 2015
Best Environmental Management Practice in the Tourism Sector David Styles, Harald Schönberger and Jose Luis Galvez Martos 2013
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A guide to improving water efficiency Resource Efficient Scotland 2015
Best Practices Guide: Successful energy efficiency technologies integration in SME hotels Hotel Energy Solutions 2011
Factors and initiatives affecting energy efficiency use in the hotel industry Hotel Energy Solutions 2011
Key energy efficiency solutions for SME hotels Hotel Energy Solutions 2011
Key energy efficiency technologies database for SME hotels Hotel Energy Solutions 2011
Front Runners Marketing Guidelines ENERGIES 2050, Stéphane POUFFARY and Philippine WATERKEYN 2015
Practical guide for pilot hotel owners Sustainable Innovation AB, Nigel Claridge 2016
Energy Efficiency tips for hotel staff Nigel Claridge (Sustainable Innovation AB), Ignacio Guerrero (CREARA), Maria Frangou (ENV/TUC) 2016
Sustainable tourism for development Guidebook World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 2013
Good Practice Guide to Waste Management for Hotels in Hong Kong The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2000
Sustainability in tourism "A guide through the label jungle" Diego Núñez, Herbert Hamele (ECOTRANS) 2016
The Plastics Reduction Guide for Hotels Travel Without Plastic
Green hotels catalog Slovenia - The undiscovered magical hinterland of Slovenian Istria Krajevna skupnost Gradin 2020